Wood Burning Sauna Heater Termofor Hummingbird-9



Wood-burning stone oven “Hummingbird 9” is designed to heat the steam room of the sauna and its adjacent rooms, obtain steam and heat water.

Bath oven “Hummingbird 9” is the ideal solution for owners of a small sauna with a steam room volume of up to 9 cubic meters. Having a very small size, the oven, meanwhile, has a remote fuel channel, which allows you to conveniently and ergonomically place it in the steam room and heat it from the adjacent room. Despite its small size, this baby has a spacious heater (25 kg). It is very compact and durable, thanks to the fact that it has a minimum of welds, has a branded original design and a one-piece top frame.

Additional information

Heater load type

External load, Internal load


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