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What is a Barrel Sauna?

Many do not dare to build a sauna for a long time, as they consider this very costly, difficult and long process. Many still do not find the necessary and worthy area for a full-fledged sauna on their personal plot. For such people, there is a special type of bath, which takes up little space, while being compact, functional, aesthetic, easy to install and maintain.

This is a wooden barrel sauna, its unusual design allows not only to save space on the site, but also very convenient, effective, useful, mobile, easy to operate and clean. In addition, this novelty of sauna allows people to have a high health-improving effect, and you can take bath in it even every day.

The barrel-shaped sauna is a unique invention that combines the healing properties of a classic traditional sauna and the benefits of natural wood materials. The design of such a sauna is durable and reliable, it can be transported from place to place, if necessary, it also takes up a little space. The small volume of the barrel sauna allows it to heat up in a matter of minutes, saving fuel and energy, and (depending on the model) it has a full change room so you can perfectly steam, wash and relax with a small company of people.

The interior design of such a miniature sauna fully meets all the necessary requirements of people, it has benches, a table, a stove, windows, a door, a changing room, and so on. It is made from wood of different species, especially spruce, pine, oak, birch, linden, cedar are in demand. Such an amazing sauna is able to bring to life bold design ideas, projects and findings in its external and internal design and arrangement.

The benefits and convenience of a barrel sauna.

A barrel sauna can decorate a small backyard lot. Due to the rounded structures, lack of corners and modest size, such a sauna heats up quickly and fully, cools slowly and consumes a minimum of energy.

In such a sauna, the drainage system is thoroughly thought out, holes are made in the sloped floor for drainage of waste water. The mini sauna usually can simultaneously accommodate up to eight people, who will receive all the most popular bath procedures. The air temperature in this bath is regulated in accordance with the wishes of the steaming people, so that they can feel rejuvenated, fresh, healthy, light and clean.

The barrel bath does not require the construction of an expensive foundation for itself. The area for the future construction just should be levelled and covered with gravel or sand, on which the runner beams of the bath structure will be placed.

Dear friends, buying a barrel-sauna is a serious and responsible step, but you will definitely not regret it, since it will allow you to take all useful bath procedures with a minimum investment of time and effort. And the original design of the sauna will decorate the area near the house, with its maximum functionality and simplicity. A barrel sauna is an excellent solution if you want to become the owner of a real sauna, useful and pleasant!

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